Firefox Memory Restart

Firefox has a history of using up a lot of memory when used for a long time or when used with many open tabs. Mozilla support and mozillaZine both recommend the periodic restart of Firefox.

Firefox’s memory usage may increase if it’s left open for long periods of time. A workaround for this is to periodically restart Firefox. You can configure Firefox to save your tabs and windows so that when you start it again, you can start where you left off. See Session Restore for details. – Mozilla

If you find that Firefox’s memory usage continues to grow after long periods of being open, you may want to consider periodically restarting Firefox to bring the memory usage back to reasonable levels. Close Firefox and select the Save and Quit option to reopen your tabs when Firefox restarts. – mozillaZine

There is now a Firefox add-on that makes this easy. Memory Restart is a new Firefox add-on that displays Firefox memory usage in the status bar. If it reaches a configurable memory threshold, the memory display color will turn red. When you are ready to restart, just click on the red memory display and Firefox will restart. Use with Firefox’s session restore feature so you don’t lose your current tabs.

There are a few tips from Mozilla on how to make Firefox use less memory. If all else fails, just restart using Memory Restart!


reQall is a voice-enabled memory tool that integrates mobile phone, email and instant messaging into an organizer and reminder system. It lets you capture thoughts and ideas before you forget, wherever you are. It allows you to share reminders with family and co-workers, retrieve relevant information at the appropriate time, and remember important events.

I have been using reQall for a few years now and I find the tool indispensable. I primarily use it to store things that I need to remember while away from my computer. I use the time when driving alone as my think time. This is my time to come up with new ideas or solve issues. When I think of something important, I speed dial reQall through my Bluetooth enabled GPS, and send myself a voice note. This voice message gets transcribed into text, and both audio and text message is sent to my email. How many times did you think of something important while driving, only to forget as soon as you stop the car?

Another cool feature of reQall is the ability to send reminders to your friends and family by email. All this can be done by voice. Now you have an option of leaving reminders by email whenever you are. If you send reminders for yourself, you can use the reQall website to view your reminders. You also have the option to integrate this to your favorite calendar using iCal.

If you go reQall Pro, you have the option of a person proofreading your voice transcriptions. You also get a location-based reminder. For example, get notified you need to buy milk when your phone detects you are near the grocery store. You can read more user stories from the reQall website.