FileZilla Custom Site Manager Location

Here’s how to use a different directory for the FileZilla Site Manager or “My Sites” configuration on Windows. This is useful when you need to specify a standard configuration directory for syncing across computers. Please note that site passwords are stored in this location and should be kept private and secure.

1. Open you favorite text editor as an Administrator.

2. Go to the FileZilla installation directory and open fzdefaults.xml. On our 64-bit Windows machine, the location is %PROGRAMFILES(x86)%\FileZilla FTP Client\fzdefaults.xml.

3. Change the “Config Location”, pointing it to the new configuration directory. Use slashes in the path. Something like:

    <Setting name="Config Location">C:/Users/john/FileZilla/</Setting>

4. Start FileZilla and go to File -> Site Manager. Site Manager should now display entries found under the newly configured directory.