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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has recently increased the maximum size of an Amazon S3 object from 5Gb to 5Tb. This allows Amazon S3 users to store high resolution videos, disk drive images, computer backup files, and other large files as one S3 object.

To be able to upload objects larger than 5Gb, you will need to use the S3 Multipart Upload, which allows parallel uploads and streaming of large objects. If you use the Amazon S3 Management Console, you just have to enable large uploads. You can enable this in the Upload Files screen, which comes up after you click on the Upload button.

If you upload using an S3 client, make sure your client supports the S3 Multipart Upload API. Amazon recommends S3 users to use Multipart Upload for objects larger than 100 MB.

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    NIce service really..
    I just used to upload my content on Amazon S3 faster..Its helpful service now resume the upload process later is also available you can do this by using Bucket Explorer tool..Its really basic tool for all the users providing facinating services and easy too..

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