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Need to test out how your site or application’s mail feature works and how the message will look like? Want to avoid consuming your hours in waiting for your test e-mails to arrive in your inbox? Looking for an easy way to setup mail server to prove if you’ve used the right codes in sending out e-mails but do not want to spend more? Have no fear, Papercut is here!


Papercut is a “simplified SMTP server” which can be used to receive mails. Setting up is easy and absolutely free, all you have to do is follow these steps:

1. Go to .

2. On the Home tab, click on the Download button (this will download a zip file).

3. Once download is complete, extract the file on your computer, click on Papercut.exe and violà! it is now ready to use. You no longer have to worry for test e-mails going to spam folders.

You can minimize its window and let it continuously run on your computer to keep it active. Once you send an e-mail, you will receive it on Papercut right away and a notification message will pop out on your system tray. It also has a GUI where you can view the mail that you’ve sent  (there are four kinds of view: Default, Raw View, Body View and HTML View).

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantage of Papercut from a review made by Mark S. Rasmussen (this was in comparison with smtpdev4, another SMTP server from Codeplex).


  • Xcopy deployment – downloading the file and setting it up is easy, no need for installation.
  • Simple – it is used solely to verify test e-mails and has no additional features that is why loading is faster.
  • FORWARD button is available.


  • No DELETE ALL button – you need to delete mails one by one.

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  1. Mike

    To delete all emails at once, just click one email, do a CTRL + A and then press the delete key on your keyboard.

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